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Tel:+86 592 5224336 Ext.8010,8009,8005
Fax:+86 592 5777426
Add: Xianjing Industrial Park,Xingtai Development Zone, Changtai County,Zhangzhou City, China
E-mail:[email protected]
Xiamen Xiufeng Machinery and Hardware Co.,Ltd founded in 1995, is the leading manufacturer of CNC machining parts. Certified with ISO9001 & ISO14000. Our factory is located in Hongjian Industrial Park, Longchi Development zone, Zhangzhou city, which is about 30 minutes’ drive from the Xiamen Airport, it covers 14,000m2 including the standard workshop over 8,000m2 . there are over 300 qualified employees in the production dept..
We are specialized in producing various kinds of precise machinery and hardware components, with firstrated equipments imported from America, Japan and Germany. providing the products with the advantage supports of specialized technical personnel, the scientific management and perfect quality system......
Add:Xianjing Industrial Park,Xingtai Development Zone, Changtai County,Zhangzhou City Tel:+86 592 5224336 / +86 18650120832 (MP)
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